Based in London,world-renowned as the spiritual home of the butler profession,our reputation is honed from generations of substantive service experience managing the households of royalty and notable influential families around the world. Our unique and pragmatic approach is based on proactively understanding exacting client criteria and streamlining our offering to suit the individual client, rather than delivering a standard and generalized skill-set.

Our trainers are international experts whom can draw on and impart unrivalled hands-on knowledge in their respective fields, to both train and equip our students to undertake their responsibilities exuding confidence and professionalism, whilst upholding the traditional quintessence of the butler image which is evident throughout our culture.

Our team is rigorously selected for multiple criteria facets extenuating beyond pure industry knowledge, to ensure we are able to create the correct orientation of the service professional and the unique personality that exceeds clients expectations in the global market. We are immensely proud that our team are seasoned butlers ,not corporate trainers, and this sets us aside as quite unique within our market.

Our partner institutions represent the very pinnacle of luxury brands, and we are fortunate to be engaged with them in order to add to our student’s appreciation of refinement and exclusivity.

We welcome students irrespective of age or gender , but we cannot train people to be motivated , dedicated or devoted, that comes from within. We have a team who are energetic , passionate and committed to creating graduates of the highest calibre, the pre-requisite qualities are a desire to be of service and ability to put other people’s needs in preference to your own.