Our expert team have a distinguished reputation of delivering worldwide Hospitality, Butler and Front-of-house instruction to:

– The luxury residential market
– Embassies and Ambassadors residencies
– High end restaurants
– International hotels and spas
– Luxury yacht and private jet markets
– Property management companies
– Charter airlines and national carriers

However, the unique flexibility of our business model allows us to penetrate any given market whilst maintaining our unparalleled reputation for seamless and client focused service that consistently exceeds their demands.

The majority of our clients prefer us to train their team members ‘in-situ’ at their own premises, therefore allowing us to easily create authentic situations for our students to rapidly assimilate the necessary skills to integrate into their role and become an effective team member.

We also , however , enjoy the luxury of our own learning centre of excellence that we frequently operate our courses from . That allows us to enjoy a wider learning experience by engaging with our partners.

Our partners are a select collection of luxury purveyors with whom we have a unique relationship in order for us to provide our students with the practical skills of bestowing the ultimate in personal service and an understanding of exceeding the clients unexpressed wishes.